We’ve partnered with GNO INC for several years to deliver a more accurate depiction of real life in New Orleans. Together, we’ve deployed a campaign strategy that targets professionals who are grinding away in the country’s largest urban centers and asking "why?" In different ways, the work asks them, “Are you toiling away for an unpromised future that you could be enjoying today?”

Our work shows folks in places like New York, San Francisco and Seattle that the life that they're striving for can be had today, in New Orleans.


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New Orleans? Really?

New Orleans is known as a colorful place. But, because of some incorrect perceptions of the city, even though people love to visit, it doesn't always appear as an attractive destination for relocating themselves, their families, or their businesses.

We aimed to change that by highlighting the things about New Orleans most folks wouldn't have seen if they were just here for a weekend. We wanted to make clear that it's a growing, thriving city where you can have the family life you're looking for without settling for suburban same-ness.

“[New Orleans is] the only place with energy and soul in the US right now. Are you craving connection? Nola can provide that. This is a ‘wake-up call moment.’ This is the last chance to do something meaningful and New Orleans is a meaningful place.”

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Campaign Line

We started by discussing the surprisingly aspirational things that actually happen in New Orleans beyond what the average visitor might have experienced.


New Orleans. Never Settle.

As the campaign evolved, we created colorful, hard hitting stories targeting the experience millenials were having living in other cities. 


Let's get real.

To a lot of people, New Orleans is more of an almost mythical concept than a real place. And too often, that concept is very different from the reality of living in this thriving, culture-rich, family-oriented city.

We developed a guide book for new residents to the city that provides an accurate picture of what it's like to live here. It includes useful, practical information like how to get settled into the school system and important cultural information like what to do on a day trip outside the city.


“Our work with Pure transformed how people see our brand and the City of New Orleans overall. ”

Matt Wolfe, Vice President of Communications


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