Larry Evans
Account Services

Larry brings over a dozen years of experience at Young & Rubicam managing integrated advertising for Fortune 500 clients, including Altria, Citi and Ashland (Valvoline). Whether it be a brand re-positioning, a CSR campaign or a product launch, Larry takes a results-oriented focus with a deep understanding of brand building fundamentals and a hunger for innovative communication. 

Having grown up in Missouri, Larry attended Missouri State, where he tutored Chemistry while studying Sociology and Mass Communication. Larry has a knack for taking complex subjects, visualizing them and breaking them down to their essential human value. By concentrating on those values while maintaining technical precision, Larry has successfully led teams to create differentiating, relevant campaigns that reach audiences where they are paying attention. As the creation of these campaigns often involves coordinating a wide array of organizations, disciplines, perspectives and personalities from around the globe, Larry has grown expert at keeping everyone organized, on task and on schedule. And don't get him started on cars unless you have a little while.