Niki Brewer
SEM/Paid Search

Niki is a PPC expert who accepted a job at Google in 2001 despite the advice of her closest friend who said they had a "boring site". As a lead Creative Maximizer, Niki managed account strategy and optimization for health care, travel, manufacturing, retail and other verticals and managed regional teams of Account Strategists across all verticals.

For PURE, Niki is in charge of digital strategy for our PPC programs; Aerotek, EASi and Aston Carter. Her execution leadership has helped reduce the CPA 7-fold over the past 12 months and increased the return on marketing investment 6-fold over the same time frame. The engagement has grown substantially based on this success. She also led our creative on PPC efforts with Callaway Gardens and Optim Healthcare.

Constant innovation and developing copy that stands out from the competition are her strong suits. She continues to garner ROI success for her various clients in Financial, Industrial, Retail & More. She is a strong believer in doing it right the first time.