Mike Lewis

Let’s not overcomplicate things. Mike’s an award-winning creative director who helped make Adidas, Levi’s and Xbox cultural icons. 

Before Pure, he was the Atlanta creative director at Grey Advertising where his acclaimed campaign to help Stop Childhood Obesity in Georgia received national and international attention. 

He spent his formative creative years in San Francisco, including a great run with EA Sports, the worldwide leader in sports video games. 

Take a look at Mike’s Pure work and you’ll see he likes to keep it simple and honest, combining storytelling entertainment with solving marketing problems. He focuses on inspiring ideas and executions that drive business results and marketing ROI. He’s an avid soccer player who recently started trading creative ideas for bone and joint repair at one of our clients: Optim Orthopedics in Savannah.  He is also creative director for our work with Grady Hospital in Atlanta.