Larry Harris
Data Strategy

Larry is a leading expert in the emerging marketing data management and optimization field, having spent his career leveraging new technology and platforms to deliver data-driven insights and channel strategies that drive successful business outcomes.

Prior to leading data marketing and management engagements, Larry was the CEO of Sightly, a performance video advertising platform that enables brands to deliver skippable video ads to the most receptive viewers on YouTube. Before Sightly, Larry was the first CMO of PubMatic, an advertising technology company that helps publishers make the most of their digital assets.

Larry transitioned to working in digital and data technology after a long career in global advertising. At Interpublic, he was Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ansible Mobile. Larry started Ansible after serving as EVP, Director of Integrated Marketing for FCB, where he led the multi-agency IPG teams that successfully launched Bank of America and rebranded CA globally. He also founded and ran the Interpublic/ collaborative team -- helping clients and IPG agencies leverage the popular social networking platform for competitive advantage and solidifying IPG’s investment in the then-small social media company.

Larry graduated from Harvard University and lives in NY.