Jonathan Sadlowe

Ever wonder how Axe deodorant and body spray made it so big, so fast in the U.S.? Ask Jonathan. He was part of the team that made it happen. 

Jonathan is a big time strategist with expertise in integrated communications, brand strategy, digital strategy, product development and market research. Jonathan and Pure founder Tarik Sedky started working together at Y&R. Before that, Jonathan was over at BBH helping make Axe ridiculously successful. 

He’s worked with incredible brands like MasterCard, Johnnie Walker, Levis, AXE, NYC & Co., Conrad Hotels and Resorts, Xerox, Chevron, Pfizer, MetLife, Virgin Airlines, Captain Morgan, Vaseline, and many more. But he’d rather work on YOUR brand. 

Jonathan Rolls Tide. He pitched for the University of Alabama while getting his BAs (plural) in Communications and Political Science. Don’t play golf for money with him, and if you ever wonder about mushrooms, ask him. He’s getting an MS in biology (part time) from Brooklyn College and getting a mushroom business off the ground in his spare time. Naturally.