Welcome to the performance era

Two periods have converged to create the most exciting and daunting marketing environment companies, brands and organizations have faced in generations.

Technology drove them both.

On the advertising side, the digital age has radically transformed how we target, connect with, motivate and analyze people and behavior.

On the product and service side, the innovation generation has collapsed cycle times for new feature/service development to time-frames that were unimaginable only a decade ago.

The result is a complete re-shuffling of client priorities and needs. Data joins creativity in the CMO suite. Tech stack plays into the ad buy. The path to purchase is so compressed, the “funnel” is more of a flywheel now.



Perhaps it’s time to stop considering marketing and technology as two isolated departments and encourage closer collaborations between them.
Harvard Business Review 2•25•20



Most companies
not taking
full advantage

Large, global brands are making heavy investments in marketing technology, personnel and platforms to leverage sophisticated data-driven efforts.

But companies in the mid- cap and smaller range aren’t making anywhere near this level of investment.

The options are

As are the amount of available data, the number of digital devices and the opportunities to track interaction explode the continuing rise of connected TV, online audio, the Internet-of- Things (IOT), voice-activated search and command, and online shopping is creating more data and more marketing opportunities than most companies know what to do with.




Major changes happening right now creating opportunities and liabilities

“Cookies” are disappearing, which means a total re- structuring of the marketing data world and creating new urgency for first-party data, tagging and alternative attribution and measurement mechanisms.

New marketing data privacy laws are being enacted in states across the country, with California leading the way but others following quickly.







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