Doug Weeks
Paid Social/Display

Doug started his career in sales and, after getting his MBA, moved into marketing and general management where he spent 15 years in the telecommunications industry - culminating in the building of a division of Primus Telecom that marketed voice-over-internet to consumers. Doug leveraged online advertising to build this business to $60 million dollars in five months.

This early exposure to online advertising helped him understand that display represented an opportunity for enormous advertising reach at economies never seen before in advertising. This led him to leave telecom and jump into online - initially in a consulting role at AOL -assisting their paid businesses with advertising outside of their walled garden. 

After that experience Doug launched his independent career and worked with 50+ businesses to leverage sophisticated paid social campaigns to achieve both direct sales and lead generation. 

His expertise includes optimizing large multi-platform paid social and display campaigns and utilizing sophisticated audience building and analytics to ensure clients’ efficient use of their marketing spend.